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Webinar on Management research amidst Covid-19 Crises-Friday15th May 2020

Saturday, June 20, 2020

CMR organized its first Zoom Webinar on Management research amidst Covid-19 Crises. The webinar was held on Friday15th May 2020 through ZOOM online platform. A total of 70 registrations were received The Webinar was attended by select 24 UMT students and 05 Faculty/RAs of HSM. Participants were selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Dr Iqbal Mahmood, Dr Khuram Shahzad, Dr. Umer Azeem and Dr Syed Ahmed Ali shared their thoughts about following discussion points with the participants:

1. What could be implications of religiosity, spirituality, and external locus of control in moderating the behavior consequence of Covid 19.

2. Many organizations have either cut or even stopped salaries of their staff. Employees complain that organizations have shown their dark face, in doing so. Whereas organizations tend to argue that this was an undesired but needed measure to survive. In this background, what could be our line of inquiry for management research, especially with regard to organizational justice theory

3. Industry has a perennial complaint that management research in Pakistani universities is not context specific, ignoring effect of unique local factors on the studies. To what extent ongoing Covid-19 research is contextual and could be of real benefit to industry.

4. Covid 19 is surely a test of leadership. Should we expect emergence of a new leadership theory or at least addition in some current leadership theories in the aftermath of Covid break out.

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