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About Us

Our Mandate

 As the world is passing through an age where disruptive technologies and rapidly changing dynamics in the realms of society, businesses, and governance have attenuated the boundaries between different intellectual domains, the need for consilience towards the creation and exploitation of knowledge has become increasingly important. There is a realization that the solution to contemporary problems and our ability to harness a better tomorrow demand amalgamation of different domains of knowledge and practice. Natural scientists are now more receptive to social scholars, and economists are riveted by geopolitical and climatic issues more than ever. Dr. Hasan Murad school of Management (HSM) graduate programs embrace the multidisciplinary spirit. Our Ph.D. Management, for example, is a cross-cutting program whereby a rich blend of the theoretical lenses from management, marketing, economics, and other discourses are being used to study the organizational phenomena. The Center for Multidisciplinary Research (CMR) is envisaged to augment and institutionalize this spirit. It will identify the real-time problems and engage HSM faculty and students in offering multi-disciplinary research-based solutions for them.

Our Vision

CMR envisions itself as a torchbearer in promoting case teaching and multidisciplinary research in HSM and other academic institutions of Pakistan.

Our Mission

CMR assumes its role as a facilitator in enabling class teaching and research activities at HSM to serve as a springboard for analyzing the problems of the government, businesses, and social sector enterprises of Pakistan with a multidisciplinary angle, and vis-à-vis proposing solutions. The center will perform this role by developing case studies on real-time issues for discussion in classes and sharing these issues with students and faculty as research problems, needing a multidisciplinary approach. It will also assist HSM faculty and students in conducting research, and would disseminate their findings with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Values

Integration: We believe that HSM research programs and faculty are doing a great job. CMR will synergize these contributions through integration and knowledge exploitation.

Facilitation: CMR believes in facilitating faculty members and researchers. We will ensure that our initiatives are demand-driven and owned by faculty. It is also our job to ensure the appropriate promotion of the research output of HSM with internal and external stakeholders.

Collaboration: All our initiatives will ensure the spirit of collaboration among faculty from different departments of HSM and other schools and universities.

Our Team

  • Dr. Sami Ullah Bajwa – Director CMR  

Dr. Sami Ullah Bajwa (official name Sami Ullah s/o Abdul Haque Bajwa) has over sixteen years of experience working with national and international academia, International Development Agencies, the Government of Pakistan, and private sector organizations. Dr. Bajwa joined UMT in 2014 as Assistant Professor. He is currently working as Associate Professor and Director for the Center for Multidisciplinary Research (CMR) at the Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) of the University of Management and Technology (UMT). He has also been an Affiliate of George Mason University, Virginia USA from 2016 to 2018. Besides his engagements within the university, Dr. Bajwa works as a consultant with International Development Agencies, in the field of evaluation and program planning. He conducts mix-method research, having expertise in a theoretical framework, development, and qualitative data analysis

  • Shiza Kazmi – Research Associate CMR  

Shiza Kazmi is currently working as a Research Associate at the Center for Multidisciplinary Research Unit, Dr. Hasan Murad school of Management (HSM), University of Management and Technology Pakistan. She has two years of experience working with the Editorial team of UMT Research journals. She has completed a Master in Philosophy (MPhil) degree in the field of Management from the University of Punjab. Her focus of research is mainly on Management, Organizational leadership, organizational learning, and green practices. Besides teaching, she also published various papers in national and international journals.


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Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management

University of Management and Technology

C-II, Johar Town, Lahore.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +92 42 111 300 200 Ext: 3388

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