Research Brief

Introduction of Reseach Brief

In order to promote the research work undertaken by SBE MS Programs, in the form of MS thesis, Center for Multidisciplinary Research (CMR)  proposed that knowledge produced by these thesis should be shared with industry and academia. This initiative is in-line with Academy of Management (AOM) Insight. Given that managers can not access, and do not have time and necessary orientation to take benefit of research work of scholars.

Research Briefs are the two/three page write-ups prepared from all industry-focused thesis of MS students, conducted by SBE. Research Brief is mandatory for all MS students who do thesis to submit the said write-ups (insights for managers) at the time of completion of thesis. Keeping in view that all students may not have the necessary skills to prepare these write-ups from their thesis, CMR is ready to provide technical assistance to students for this purpose. We have developed a template to get basic information from students about his/her thesis, using which CMR will write said write-ups/insights on behalf of students. Moreover, the credit of research as well as write-up will remain solely with the student and supervisor.   

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